Cardiovascular Consultants

Cardiovascular Consultants is a dedicated group of physicians and health care takers who have devised a multi-disciplinary approach for prevention and treatment of cardiac and vascular disease. With emphasis on

(Primary prevention)

1. Reduction to a minimum the likelihood of threatening cardiovascular adverse event.

(Secondary prevention)

2. To minimize the potential of recurring cardiovascular hazards.

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Our Mission

To provide knowledge, encouragement, and the finest individual therapy. To help you become an active participant in your health care. Our programs are tailored to address and modify your specific risk factors, enabling you to enjoy the highest quality of life while averting an unwanted cardiovascular adverse event.

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Comprehensive Care

It is the comprehensive approach that makes cardiovascular consultants a unique entity for your cardiac and vascular care. Should your condition require more immediate attention, our clinics are fully equipment with:
1. State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Testing.
2. Advanced, Evidence based medical management.
3. The finest and latest cardiac and vascular interventional procedures.

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21 Day Health Challe...

fox dr. koshy

21 Day Health Challenge Dr. Sindhu Koshy, St. John Macomb-Oakland cardiologist, was interviewed live on the FOX2 News Morning Show to help kick off the St. John Providence/FOX2 21 Day Health Challenge.

Healthworks: 21 Day Challenge Dr. Koshy with Detroit ...

Koshy and fox

Dr. Kohsy with FOX 2 talking about 21 Day Challenge Project kick off. Let’s talk to Dr. Sindhu Koshy about the three steps, so it’s three easy things and it begins with knowing your numbers. So, doctor what is the most important number for people to learn? “I think the most important number is probably […]

Straight Talk from the Doc! 2...

straight talk from the doc5

Enjoy heart health meal and educational lecture in a straight talk from the Doc!  Reserve Today! call Gretchen at (586) 698-1205.

4 tips that can make your Clinic visit efficie...


Listen to Dr. Kazziha explaining how to make your office visit most efficient.

Cardiovascular Consultants’ patient Wedding Stor...


Listen to Dr. Kazziha talk about Cardiovascular Consultants PC’s relationship with their patients. The way we schedule and operate our procedures. Have a healthy heart, a healthy mind and a BIG smile on your face.

Dr. Kazziha conducting a cardiovascular Disease Seminar at the Chrysler Gro...

SYK Chrysler 2-12-2015

Dr. Kazziha conducting a cardiovascular Disease seminar at the Chrysler Group Auburn Hills Technology Center to over 100 engineers and management staff.   The seminar covered information allowing knowledgeable interface with a Cardiologist, when to seek an examination, risk factors and solutions, explanation of diagnostic tests available explaining their purpose and use, pharmaceutical and surgical […]

Straight Talk from the ...


Minimally Invasive Stroke Prevent...

Minimally Invasive Stroke Prevention

Dr. Theodore L. Schreiber, M.D., F.A.C.C at Harper University Hospital pioneers a new minimally invasive treatment to prevent stroke in patients with carotid artery disease. ~ Detroit Medical Center.

Brain Blockage Bust...


Dr. Koshy uses the latest technology to discover hear blocka...

Sindhu Koshy M.D. F.A.C.C

Dr. Koshy says it’s an effective procedure to check the heart for blockage. “So, they actually put a tiny camera into these blood vessels to see how severe blockage was. At that time, we found a 70 percent blockage in the left main.” Fox 2 News Headlines    


George Thomas – Cardiac Catheterization Patient

" Our subsequent visits with Dr. Kazziha solidify our faith in his amazing talents as a surgeon and an amazing human being."


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